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Andy says he's being taken lessons, but he didn't say anything until he knew for sure he was going to enjoy playing it. Megan is really happy for him, saying it's sweet because not many guys play the violin.

The Rotunda - Balter Dance Party (for People Who Are Afraid to Dance)

Quinn says that he knows Andy is terrible, cause he's already heard him play. Andy, begins playing a song and it's horrible.

The song is off-key and earsplitting. Vange, Quinn, Megan and Tucker can't stand the sound and all ask him to stop. Quinn says he told them he was right, and Vange tells Andy to perhaps begin a stamp collection.

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Andy accepts the fact he wasn't too good and says he knows he doesn't sound so good. Quinn insults him saying it sounded like a rusty gate, Megan defends him saying he wasn't so bad for a beginner. Andy says he knows he was bad, because it's hard learning to play an instrument. Also it's harder to get good at it, because it takes tons of practice to get to where people will enjoy listening to you play.

Andy then explains that his story is about a musician who plays really well. Everyone really enjoys hearing her play. However, someone enjoys hearing her play so much, that they'll do anything to get her to play for only them.. Andy tells a story, that takes place in Warrenville. In this town, for years the big recreational center has been a very popular pastime for children and teenagers. There was aerobics, weight lifting and musical lessons and recitals. However, times have changed and the building has begun to literally fall apart. Soon everything would change.

Instead of renovating the building, it was going to be torn down. In it's place a new strip mall was going to be built. For many people like Tara Martin and her friends, they never believed that something so strange was going to happen to a place they had known and loved for so long. Also Tara had no idea just what surprises awaited for her, before the building would be torn down. Tara is performing a recital playing her violin, when suddenly water drops on her music notes from the ceiling vent above.

Which also makes her notice her boyfriend Michael has been sleeping and seemed bored and uninterested. Michael suddenly takes off, leaving her feeling upset and discouraged for the rest of her performance.

Fleetwood Mac - I'm So Afraid - The Dance - 1997

Then just as she finishes, a sketching pencil falls on her music note from the ceiling vent above. Everyone claps and applauds her and she happily bows to them. Then on her way, her friends Jane and Scot congratulate her on her well done recital. She thanks them, but is ashamed to says she feels that she just made her boyfriend fall asleep. Her friends encourage her not to feel bad just because Michael is a jerk. Later Tara meets Jane in the cafeteria and they discuss the program the building is having the night before it's torn down called "The Last Dance", then Michael and Scot join them.

Tara is mad and pushes Michael away, saying that she assumed he left to go work out. Michael apologizes saying he needed to go do something and couldn't stand sitting down the whole time. Jane snaps at him about the fact that he should have been supportive and watched the whole recital. Michael apologizes saying he can't stand old classical music, and doesn't believe that there is a future for her playing classical music. Michael crumples up a picture, Tara chose for "The Last Dance" advertisement flyer and rudely says she could have used a much better picture of herself.

The whole time that Tara and her friends were talking, an unseen creature was stalking her from a ceiling vent above. Then suddenly the tiles break and almost fall on them. Michael and Scot cover Tara and Jane just in time. In the locker room, Scot tells Michael that he's been very rude and non supportive to Tara.

He says that he's just trying to be truthful to her, and to make sure she doesn't get her hopes up. Because many talented people, just end up busking for money. Although he does believe she is talented, he just doesn't want to see the same thing happen to her. Then suddenly Scot notices a huge tear on the back of Michael's leather jacket.

Michael is furious to see someone or something tore it.

Welcome to Ubud, Where the People Aren’t Afraid to Dance

Scot, sees a huge hole in the locker and thinks it might have been a big rodent. In the girls' locker room, the unseen creature stalks Tara again. Tara reflects about all the good times she's had over the years and how she's really going to miss the place. Jane says that it's just time to move on, hearing this Tara agrees that maybe it's also time to move on from her relationship with Michael. She feels that he just doesn't get how important her music is to her.

When suddenly she discovers her violin has been stolen. Tara looks inside the broken air vent suspecting someone might have sneaked in and goes off to report it to security. In the cafeteria, Tara is upset to say security couldn't do much to help her find it. Michael is more upset about his torn jacket, which he paid a lot of money for. Tara is really upset because she had her violin for years and now it's gone and she can't perform at "The Last Dance" now. Michael just suggests to rent one of them. Tara is mad for him being so insensitive. Because a violin is a valuable thing, and you can't rent them like bowling shoes.

That evening, a hooded hunchbacked monster known as The Lurker the unseen creature steals food from the cafeteria. The Lurker retrieves Tara's crumpled picture and takes it for himself. Then soon the dance is beginning, Tara is still upset that she can't perform. Both Jane and Scot express their sympathy and support her. Michael on the other hand, just wants them to all enjoy the party and dance. For being so insensitive, Tara just storms off and leaves.

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Then the actual class will begin at which time the material will vary depending on the type of dance class you are taking. Everything is taught in a patient, welcoming, low-stress way so that all of the students are able to follow along comfortably. At the end of the lesson the instructor will summarize the material covered that day.

Also there is often another circle, similar to the warm up, where the teacher leads everyone through simple movements and everyone leaves the class on a high note. So why not just try it out once and form your own opinion? We welcome you! You can also find out what studio they go to or come from, and then go take classes there.

Why Be Afraid to Dance Why Be Afraid to Dance
Why Be Afraid to Dance Why Be Afraid to Dance
Why Be Afraid to Dance Why Be Afraid to Dance
Why Be Afraid to Dance Why Be Afraid to Dance
Why Be Afraid to Dance Why Be Afraid to Dance
Why Be Afraid to Dance Why Be Afraid to Dance
Why Be Afraid to Dance Why Be Afraid to Dance
Why Be Afraid to Dance Why Be Afraid to Dance
Why Be Afraid to Dance Why Be Afraid to Dance

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