Brigitte Bardot: A Biography

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Brigitte Bardot was born to in to a Catholic bourgeois family who lived not far from the Eiffel Tower. As a child, Bardot dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer, and she was accepted to the Paris Conservatory at the age of The French actress and model Brigitte Bardot posing on a curling field.

It seemed she was destined to be a star and she gave up ballet dancing to focus on acting. Her years as a dancer gave her the physique and poise that would become part of her trademark style. The Elle magazine cover was the beginning of great things for Bardot. Her first husband, Roger Vadim, spotted Bardot and during her early career acted as her manager, then collaborator in later films. The s into which Bardot exploded was a ticking time bomb of new ideas versus old ways.

2. Practically Perfect in Every Way, or Else

Bardot was the face of the future, and her sense of freedom showed women they could be more than housewives and mothers. Not known for her acting ability she became a worldwide sensation thanks to her beauty, her style, and her youthful abandon. Bardot has also had a lasting effect on the world of fashion; she almost single-handedly popularized the bikini, dark kohl eyeliner, and the flat ballet pump. Her signature style of an off the shoulder top has become known as Bardot style and is still in fashion to this day.

Brigitte Bardot - B. B. - Full Album (Vintage Music Songs)

They wanted her to continue with her dancing. They insisted that she could not marry until she was eighteen. The harder Brigitte tried to persuade them, the more they resisted. It was all too much for the Brigitte, who, one evening when the rest of the family was out, put her head in the oven and turned on the gas. By chance her parents returned early and managed to save her in time. Meanwhile she continued modelling and undertook her first and only contract as a professional dancer on a day cruise ship around the Atlantic Islands. Shot in the summer of , Brigitte spent most of the film scantily clad in a bikini.

Her father was outraged and demanded cuts. Rozier compromised by agreeing to allow a judicial referee to see the film before it was officially released.

Brigitte Bardot

In November , with Brigitte now eighteen, the referee ruled that the film was decent and could be shown without any risk to her honour. In December Brigitte and Vadim were finally married. There were two ceremonies. The first was a civil ceremony at the town hall that served the 16th arrondissement. The second took place the following day at Notre Dame de Grace in Passy. During their first few years together, Bardot and Vadim developed a remarkable partnership.

He shaped and influenced the way she spoke, what she wore, and her famous pout. Most importantly he changed the colour of her hair, turning her into a blonde. Vadim and Brigitte collaborated on the dialogue together, modifying the lines to fit her carefully crafted persona.

Brigitte Bardot's Beautiful Life In Pictures

The beach at Cannes was already crowded with stars when Bardot showed up in a bathing suit. Immediately, the photographers, orchestrated by Vadim, focused their attention on her. They photographed her on the beach and in front of the Carlton hotel. Then a photo opportunity was arranged for a group of famous stars on the aircraft carrier Midway anchored offshore. Brigitte managed to get herself invited too and when she slipped off her raincoat to reveal herself wrapped in a tiny dress, the sailors went wild. Still a relative unknown, she had stolen the limelight from some of the biggest film stars in the world.

Her growing fame brought the offer of a role in a British comedy, Doctor at Sea , staring Dirk Bogarde. At a press conference for the film, Brigitte packed the ballroom at the Dorchester Hotel in London and captivated the journalists with her witty replies to their hackneyed questions. All the time, Vadim continued to feed stories about her to an increasingly hungry press.

And God Created Woman Roger Vadim was still only 26 years old when he wrote the screenplay for the film that would catapult Bardot to international stardom and launch his own directing career. Levy not only agreed to back the project, he was willing to let Vadim direct, a very unusual concession at the time when most first-time directors were in the forties or fifties.

Vadim also managed to persuade him that that film should be in colour and wide-screen Cinemascope. Our first project brought shrugs of disbelief from film people who advised us to buy a lottery ticket instead. In the story Bardot plays eighteen-year old orphan Juliette, a seductive beauty whose habit of sunbathing naked and walking around the town barefoot, attracts the attention of various men.

Who Is Brigitte Bardot?

The censor reacted predictably with outrage and demanded cuts. He reprimanded Vadim for the scene in which Bardot gets out of bed and walks naked across a room and insisted it be cut. Vadim told him he had imagined the scene, that in fact she was wearing a long shirt in the shot. Initially the box office returns were poor and it looked like the film would sink without trace; that is until it began opening around the rest of the world. In America the Catholic Church tried to have the film banned but the scandal only added to the publicity.

It became the first French film ever to out-sell a homegrown blockbuster when it topped the charts ahead of big Hollywood films like The Ten Commandments.

Joie De Vivre

That was the beginning of the end of our marriage. From that moment, our marriage went downhill. He was a quiet young man who read poetry, and, unlike her stormy relationship with her husband, they never argued.

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  • Her separation from Vadim, which took place in , was a civilized affair. They stayed good friends and he remained an important confidant for her in the years to come. She also turned down an opportunity to make a film with Frank Sinatra because it would mean upping sticks and moving to America. Such immense fame brought with it the constant attention of the press, who pursued her relentlessly. She often felt trapped and admitted to friends that she felt she was missing out on a normal life.

    Her relationship with Jean-Louis Trintignant had lasted only six months, after which she had even briefer flings with actor Gustavo Rojo and singer Gilbert Becaud. Looking for a refuge, she bought a house in the small coastal town of St Tropez and began spending whatever time off she had there. It was here she met the singer Sacha Distel. Their whirlwind love affair became front-page news. Photographers followed them from St Tropez to Paris.

    Brigitte Bardot on life in the spotlight: ‘I know what it feels like to be hunted’

    Mob scenes greeted them in Italy when they attended the Venice Film Festival together in For a while there was serious talk of marriage but the burden of being engaged to Brigitte became too difficult for Distel to bear. By the end of the summer their romance was just a memory. Her co-star was a good-looking young twenty-two-year-old actor named Jacques Charrier. During shooting in Paris and London, Brigitte quickly fell for Charrier. After filming they went on holiday together to Chamonix-les-Houches.

    Staying in a chalet, isolated by a snowstorm, Brigitte got pregnant. As soon as she found out she called Vadim and asked his advice. When he found out, Charrier insisted that not only must she have the child but they must get married as soon as possible.

    Brigitte Bardot: A Biography Brigitte Bardot: A Biography
    Brigitte Bardot: A Biography Brigitte Bardot: A Biography
    Brigitte Bardot: A Biography Brigitte Bardot: A Biography
    Brigitte Bardot: A Biography Brigitte Bardot: A Biography
    Brigitte Bardot: A Biography Brigitte Bardot: A Biography

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