Blood of the Land: The Herbalist

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The Electuary Around the World Re-discover this age old method of using honey as a medium for delivering herbal healing by- how else! In almost every culture there is an awareness of honey, not as a sweetener, but as a medicine. Further, those cultural histories recognized that when honey was blended with an herb it was something entirely different than what could be had from using the honey or the herb alone. She combines her nursing knowledge and herbal background to oversee patient care and improve the health outcomes of our most vulnerable populations.

These clinics are the first in the area to be recognized as a Center of Excellence site, offering medically assisted treatment and natural therapies for opioid withdrawal. Donna also serves as adjunct Professor at Moravian College, where she teaches integrative therapies to nursing students.

She is a passionate, dedicated, and inspiring educator who teaches and empowers individuals of all ages to incorporate natural health practices into their lives.

The Importance of Sleep Sleep problems affect virtually every aspect of day-to-day living, from mood and energy level to mental alertness and work performance. In this class, we will describe the complex nature of sleep, the factors that can disturb sleep, and most importantly, what one can do to get the sleep they need for optimal health using herbs and natural therapies. How to Manage Stress and General Anxiety Disorders Naturally It's normal to worry and feel tense or scared when under pressure or facing a stressful situation.

But when anxiety is constant and overwhelming, or interferes with relationships and activities, then it must be addressed. In this class we will examine the signs and symptoms of several anxiety disorders and explore self help, herbal, and complementary treatment options.

Myakka Herbalist Debbie Blount Makes a Living From Her Floral and Herb Potions

Intensive: Sharing the Secrets of Soap Making Experience the art of making all natural vegetable based soaps in this delightfully fun, hands-on workshop. We will discuss the history of soap and practice every step of the soap making process, sharing tips and techniques along the way. You will learn how to incorporate herbs, essential oils, and natural ingredients into your luxurious handmade soaps.

In this class we will make a pure olive and coconut oil soap. Handouts, recipes, and samples are included. Geneticist, Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Cannabis Advocate. Eleanor Kuntz, PhD, is a trained herbalist and entrepreneur who is bridging the gap between traditional herbalism and modern science. Eleanor works with plant genetics to design and implement Best Agricultural Practices for improving medicinal qualities and implementing responsible raw ingredient choices to mitigate supply chain risk for natural product companies.

Forest Service volunteer, Kuntz researches plant population demographics and dispersal dynamics to develop guidelines for sustainable wild collection and permitting regulations in southeastern native plant populations. Devoted to honoring the benefits of plant-based medicine, enhancing our connection to the wild world around us, and deepening our understanding of the relationship between plant, ecosystem and planet, Eleanor recently merged her two plant passions by cofounding LeafWorks Inc. Eleanor has a B.

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Her academic work focused on population diversity and gene flow, along with the evolutionary history and current genetic exchange between wild and cultivated plants. On the medical side, this allows for a deeper understanding of medicinal use and allows medical practitioners to deepen their understanding of how variation in plant material and its underlying chemistry affect positive or negative prognosis. And perhaps most fundamentally, the herbarium is one way to help contribute to the conservation and cataloging of the immense amount of diversity seen across this group of plants.

Herbal Medicine As A Post-Disaster Medicine Plan

Current State of Cannabis Genetics How much do we know relative to other crops and medicinal plants? This talk strives to outline why we should care about the current state of genetics, and what is going on in the genetics community.

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A summary of what we know so far and what is on the horizon. Looking at the big picture with highlights of specific research. Intensive: Making Herbarium Pressings A hands on demonstration and activity class making pressed plants. Satori Foods formerly Soul Food and Confections creates deliciously nourishing meals and confections, and specializes in whole foods catering and Herb Infused Chocolates.

Making Herb-Infused Medicinal Chocolate In this class we will focus on the why and how of making herbal infused chocolates. We will explore a few different vegan herbal infusions, including cbd.

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We will make chocolate truffles and a bark in class and each student will walk away full of chocolate, knowledge, recipes, and a few truffles. I am very excited to share a sweet afternoon with you! Taking Off The Drapes. Imagine describing our sexual body to our practitioner, holding our mirror and inserting our speculum, looking at our body first, then inviting our practitioner to join in the holy experience of looking at and talking about our sexual bodies.

Open to all beings who have sexual parts, including trans, non-binary, and cis parts, including those who have been cut and sewn, torn, harmed, and healed. Bring your whole entire selves to this deep learning.

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  4. Slowing It Down. Circle within the Class: Teen Sexual Bodies and Beings Teens Only Teens who are trans, cis, and non-binary; queer and straight; all colors and cultures; all body shapes and sizes, join me to create safe space for talking about sex, discover how similar the clitoris and penis are from modeling them with play-doh, talk about masturbation The best source for self-knowing. Jan Sandman is a body, mind, heart and spirit educator and guide.

    For more than 30 years, she has maintained a private practice, guiding people individually to become more connected physically, emotionally and spiritually with their deepest selves. She works extensively with groups as a facilitator of Authentic Movement, both nationally and internationally, and leads workshops in Family Constellations and Ceremonial Sound Healing.

    An artist, writer, healer and educator, for Jan, the core of her life is a connection to spirit that is grounded in the beauty of everyday life. You can reach her at jansandman comcast. Authentic Movement: Moving with the Spirit and Wisdom of the Plants Through Authentic Movement, we will invite the Spirit of the Plants to enter, move with us and inform us directly through the body. After choosing a plant or being chosen by one, each person will enter into the sacred form of Authentic Movement, where the body wisdom is the guide and leader to open up beyond language and conscious thought to the direct transmission of the plant offering wisdom, teaching and more through the movement.

    In this way of knowing the thought process is bypassed and very direct intuitive insight is possible. Completely experiential. It is powerful group work where we are all involved in opening to, moving energy and revealing pathways to deep healing, clarification, acceptance and sometimes love. In this workshop we will explore this form in relationship to Nature. Depending on the group energy and how it will point us in relationship to Nature, we will work energetically through constellations , accessing energy and information to ultimately form a Movement Prayer for the Earth.

    Sacred Sound Ceremony In this class, we will use the sacred sound of the Gong to deeply open to the the qualities of the heart and what the heart most deeply longs for. The gong is an ancient instrument of deep resonance that activates the body, mind , heart and spirit through the vibratory field. Its sound ranges from peaceful, light and angelic to deeply cathartic profound vibrations that can move the whole body. We will begin by connecting with what is in our hearts through meditation and movement and then bring the intention and energy deeply forward in awareness to be activated, moved, cleansed, transformed through the Sacred Sound of the Gong.

    This workshop will be active in the beginning followed by deeply receptive as the Gong plays. Jennifer is a lover of plants, a fiber artist, and a gardener. She has spent over ten years learning about plants from seed to dye pot and creates beautiful and unique plant dyed wearable fiber art. She has discovered the path of natural plant dyeing as a wonderful way to wear your plant medicine and connect with the healing spirit of plants.

    Together with her husband and daughter they live on their Vermont homestead farm where she loves to spend time in her outdoor dye studio. Wear Your Plant Medicine — Intro to Using Plants for Natural Dye In this class you will learn all about using plants for natural dye through discussion and plant dye demonstrations. We will discuss key plants for creating a rainbow of color. Topics will including cultivation, harvesting, and processing plants for use in the dye pot. We will talk about what it means to wear your plant medicine, how to connect with healing plants through wearing plant infused fibers, and there will time for you to explore this connection for yourself.

    She is best known for her accessible and down to earth teaching style that weaves sacred story with plant medicine. Jenn is best known in the herbal community through her work with botanical scent including both incense and perfume. She weaves personal myth, folklore and ritual into her scent storytelling and feels that fragrance calls to a deep place within the human psyche that no other medium can touch.

    At home, she stewards sanctuary space for her beloved honeybees and endangered woodland plants where she can explore ancient methods of scent extraction, like distillation using traditional copper alembics.

    blood of the land the herbalist Manual

    She is currently at work on a book about botanical perfume. Sacred Scent - Creating Perfume Elixirs with Botanicals Scent has been used from the beginning of time to evoke emotion, seduce, sanctify and cleanse. Learn how herbs and other botanicals can be used to create unique and living scent to be used on your body. In addition to discussing how to use purchased essential oils, absolutes and resins we will also discuss how to ethically wildcraft and make our own scented oils and tinctures for use in creams and perfumes from our own local flora. Each participant will be able to take home a personal scent in a perfume bottle.

    Learn the cross cultural myths of the honeybee and the ancient order of the Melissa or Bee Priestesses of ancient and modern times. We will examine the symbiotic relationship between sacred beekeeping and sacred plant medicine. Additionally, we will explore the role of the honeybee in the life of the traditional herbalist and how the gifts of the hive can be combined with powerful plant medicine to create synergistic and deeply healing medicinal preparations. Then we will smell, taste and feel the sweet gifts of the hive in unique and magical preparations. Propolis — Medicine of the Ancients Propolis, an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory compound made from the synergy of tree resins and honeybee enzymes, is a useful and complementary ingredient in healing herbal salves, tinctures and washes.

    Learn the sacred and ritual uses of propolis as well as how to source and work with this powerful fusion of tree and honeybee medicine. As a Hebrew priestess, Kohenet, currently living amidst N'dakinna, the unceded territory of the Abenaki, where slavery of African American people was practiced, she feels intergenerational and interdimensional healing needs to occur and therefore aims to co-create nourishing habitat for all beings.

    In service to her ancestors she facilitates Roots and Trail www. As a naturalist, earth tender, educator, mentor, permaculture practitioner, folk herbalist, and remediation researcher, she is dedicated to ethically rewilding suburban and urban landscapes, rehabilitating degraded landscapes, establishing and protecting endangered and threatened sanctuaries, and researching regenerative agricultural techniques using fungi and polyculture infrastructure in watershed restoration.

    Planting green infrastructure as living libraries of resilience. Explore United Plant Savers; how to cocreate an endangered plant sanctuary as a model for resilience, and what living curriculum it offers for students of all ages. Fungi join us as supportive allies to nutrient cycling networks.

    Blood of the Land:  The Herbalist Blood of the Land: The Herbalist
    Blood of the Land:  The Herbalist Blood of the Land: The Herbalist
    Blood of the Land:  The Herbalist Blood of the Land: The Herbalist
    Blood of the Land:  The Herbalist Blood of the Land: The Herbalist
    Blood of the Land:  The Herbalist Blood of the Land: The Herbalist
    Blood of the Land:  The Herbalist Blood of the Land: The Herbalist
    Blood of the Land:  The Herbalist Blood of the Land: The Herbalist

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